June 21st 2014

Quick poster for our show next weekend.

May 1st 2014
February 27th 2014
January 23rd 2014
January 5th 2014

Looped by Kiasmos is one of my favourite tracks/discoveries of 2013. Looking forward to the album.

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November 15th 2013

Beautiful/simple architecture.



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November 8th 2013

Tactile tentacle is an interactive experiment in the realm of colorful uselessness.

Internet. More colorful uselessness please.

November 5th 2013

African-Mexican-American photographer Hannah Price reverses the power of the male gaze through capturing spontaneous photographs of men that catcall her.

October 26th 2013
Vaccaro is also known for having developed his own images in soldier’s helmets, and using chemicals found in the ruins of a camera store in 1944.
October 24th 2013

Ben Pieratt, Blog: Work versus Life. Greatness versus Family.


As artists, we are at the bleeding edge of a technological bell curve which is slowly spanning the entire population. We’ve been placed at the peak of a pyramid 10,000 years tall, and we act like we can’t call a truce with our inboxes for long enough to go spend meaningful time with our kids.

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October 12th 2013



If you’re looking to restore your faith in photography, go spend a good amount of time with John Francis Peters’ work.

So true

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September 22nd 2013


Via robsheridan

Another brilliant, profound, hilarious rant about our relationship with technology from Louis C.K.

Previously, this masterpiece.

—this is definitely worth 5 minutes

Profound & hilarious.

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